Monday, August 3, 2009


The Beautiful Filoli Estate

A dramatic view from the terrace

Well, the 11th Annual Botanical Art Exhibition opened on July 23, 2009 I drove and drove from LA to Woodside ,CA on Thursday just for the opening. Im very pleased I did. I had a great time and the Exhibition is beautiful. The show was hung with some incredibly fine examples of top notch Botanical Illustrations from some of the most acclaimed illustrators around. I was very honored to be included in this select group.

Traveling to and From. Funny, this drive basically looks the exactly same either direction
you are headed. Not much happening.

Tina (my lovely escort for the evening) and myself in the entry hall.
Photo Credit: Dan Coyro, (Tina's regular guy)

The famous Lily pond
Enthusiastic Botanical Art fans. That is the Fabulous Ann in the white dress. Hey Ann It was a super pleasure to meet you. Thanks for your kind words and support!
More Looking at my work

Congratulations to all the Artists included. You can see a list of the artists exhibiting at an interesting site I discovered called ArtPlante Today .

Detail from the Garden: Hot, Beautiful & Cool

I wanted to thank all the amazing staff from the Filoli as well as the Curators, Volunteers and Jurors who put the exhibition together. A big thanks to Cathy Rampley!

Thank You - Tina And Dan for the Great Lunch, Dinner, Prosecco at Soif Wine Bar & Charming Santa Cruz Hospitality. See you soon!