Sunday, November 25, 2012


Finally breaking down to tackle the complicated curves and twists of these super interesting plants. I really love the ghostly gray/green color of the leaves.

My subject is an Air Plant or more properly named: Epiphyte.  An epiphyte is a type of  plant that grows upon another plant (such as a tree) non-parasitically or sometimes upon some other object.

Im working from a Tillandsia xerographica  species of bromeliad. They can grow quite large and flower as well. The example I'm painting from is about 8 inches in diameter. After finishing with the painting he will be stuck in a tree outside.

Click the word learn more about  T. xerographica

The drawing starts.

Painting (with a tiny brush) begins.

I'll post the finished painting soon.
Parnell Corder
Tillandsia xerographica, 2012
Watercolor on paper
20.5" x 16"

Thursday, November 8, 2012


Nothing brightens the day in gloomy LA more than freshly framed art.