Thursday, November 1, 2007

ART FILE 11/1/07

I found this piece while I was looking for another painting for a client in my Art Files.

Some time ago, THE LOS ANGELES ARBORETUM asked me to come up with some designs for a poster to honor their annual Iris festival which happens every spring. I forgot how flash this piece was so when I rediscovered it so, I knew I had to post it. They wound up going with a different painting I presented to them for the poster but I think this one convinced them I was the one for the job.

The painting is made on three different panels of paper. Inspired by traditional Japanese screens, I made an arrangement of several different varieties of Iris throughout the gold metallic back ground to evoke a sense of a natural garden atmosphere. The Iris are painted in watercolor while the background is Gold Metallic Acrylic

It is a big work once all assembled measuring a little over 10 feet long and over 2.5 feet high.

Here are the panels individually, From Left to Right.

Left Panel

Center Panel

Right Panel