Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Today I drove from Los Angeles , California. To: Santa Barbara, California (and back). It was a beautiful day to drive up (and down). I transported a painting which I was invited to display at the Santa Barbara International Orchid Show. This is the 64th Annual SBIOS Exhibition . An innovative aspect of this show is that they exhibit orchid themed fine artwork alongside fantastic orchid displays by growers from around the globe.

The show is held at the Earl Warren Center in Santa Barbara. Orchids collectors and the like come from all over the world to see this show. Check out the architecture of this place. I love it, so cool. Look at the shapes of these steel structures.

After I checked-in with the lovely Art Committee, I took a stroll around where the other vendors were setting up. Here is a beautiful Cattleya fresh out of the box. I love the packing material draping down.
I found these ladies creating Ikebana arrangements. I wanted to get closer but a barrier had been placed around the work/display area so they could do their Zen designs without interruption. They were soooo in there moments.

A beautiful display in progress. The photo is deceiving. The top of the white orchid in the foreground is chest high to me. The pots are big , the plant is big, the parfume..... to die. I will try to update the grower/designer.

Pictured here is Mr. Earl Warren ?, on a bronze horse with a perfect blue sky of the California coast. If you are in the area check out the show from the Santa Barbara International Orchid Show 2009