Sunday, May 20, 2007

Sunday Cymbidium

This is a new approach with the treatment of the leaves. Its a bit more "designed" than a direct depiction of the plant. I think it works well. Parnell Corder.


Conn said...

Yes this does work well. What is the size here?
I was thinking the other day about the Vuylstekeara Cambria that you painted and how i saw it as REALLY LARGE... but also... what about really small?
postage stamp size?
Would be curious as to what you could achieve on that scale in terms of detail.

parnell said...

This piece is 22" x 19" a little different than the 30" x 22" I work on. I have some exhisting frames i can fit them into. Bigger is better for me. I will try to take photos of the work in some type of size context once and a while. Or at least put the paper size down.