Friday, January 4, 2008


Well, It turns out they are two different Varieties. Indeed. Enjoy non the less look for more images of both soon.

Curious, I noticed once I had finished this drawing that the specimen I was working from was very different from the plants in the previous post even though (I think) they are from the same group. The plant I have has been indoors since I received it.

My Indoor Bloom:

Their Outdoor Bloom:

The plants in the previous post live outside and get more light so they have matured faster and the blooms have opened up more completely than mine. The colors have separated more distinctly into spots and stronger defined color lines. This is my theory so far. Any Ideas? Am I working with two different Paps? I am going to ask my friends at the AOS - American Orchid Society.

Paphiopedilum, 2008
Color Pencil on paper
23" x 18'

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Conn said...

Different indeed. Colorful and striking drawing none the less. Another success story!