Saturday, March 29, 2008


I am fortunate to have a nice group of potted Cymbidium in the garden to offer up their beautiful blooms for a nice portrait.

The photo and the painting are different plants. You can tell by the difference in the
labellum or lip.

This is a watercolor of one of my favorites. I have had this particular plant for I'd say... 12 years? I have re-potted and divided it several times over that period.

The blooms last for a very long time if the darn bugs and slugs don't get to them. They last almost as long as cuttings in a vase indoors. Beautiful, Beautiful.

Painting details are:
Parnell Corder
Cymbidium, March 08
Watercolor on paper
21 x 19 Inches


Conn said...

Another show stopper and well worth the wait.

John said...

sweet charity that's beautiful!

ijuander said...

I LOVE your artwork. I need to save my pennies to get an original for my walls ;-)