Monday, December 1, 2008


As you might now I create many different kinds of art imagery. So I thought I might include something new Ive been working on besides the Orchids and other botanicals.

I started a series of paintings of books. I really enjoy the challenge of duplicating the book and the imagery in the book as exact to actual scale as possible. An interesting aspect of this piece was the Chinese characters on the left side of the painting.

Details are:
Book Painting (page 490)
Watercolor on paper
15" x 22"


Jimmy said...

Hi Parnell,

This is Jim Wilder. I happened upon Conn's blog rather randomly and saw your exquisite work in some of his posts. I just wanted to say hello and say how much I appreciate your talent. I have been in the position to work with, and get to know, some very fine artists here in Indianapolis through my best friend who is an artist in the contemporary, abstract-expressionist style. It has been a pleasure to be part of that world, even in a peripheral way.

Once again, love your work! Hope all is well.

Parnell Corder said...

Thanks Jimmy, Keep checking back for more! Pass it on!

Conn said...

is this a painting of a painting in a book or painting of a photo in a book.
either way... beauty.