Saturday, July 14, 2007


I use liquid watercolors from tubes like this. I like the consistency of the paint. It also allows immediate intense color straight from the tube when I want it.

The watercolor is squeezed out on to tin palettes like these. I can arrange the colors in my own color wheel placing color and groups of colors in places where they are most useful to me. After a while the tin becomes a bit overcrowded and muddy like the one on the left. When that happens I just rinse the entire thing off with water and start over.

I start putting down layers in different areas . Working in different areas at the same time on the painting makes it come together pretty fast. Painting white blooms on a white piece of paper can also be a little tricky. It is a difficult balance to give the blooms the depth of color but still retain the appearance of a white flower. Overworking the area I run the risk of it becoming cloudy and dull.

Check back for more progress.


Conn said...

I am a fan of dirty paint palettes. I always hate washing the paint off. I love how the green section has been used down to the last drop.

The Valley of the Dolls said...

cool post thanks for the tutorial