Wednesday, July 11, 2007


I create my watercolor images on Fabrianno or Arches 140lb watercolor paper. The paper size is 22 x 30 inches -a size I am comfortable working on but I work in many sizes. The paper needs to be strong enough to handle large amounts of washes of water and repeated applications in particular areas and not get too distorted. I really like the rough edges on these papers it looks great once the works are floated in a frame for hanging.

I work on a flat table in my studio facing the window making use of the natural light. I begin by closely examining the specimen and lightly sketch out the composition on the paper. Sorry for the poor quality image. it was difficult to capture the drawing delicacies with out washing them out or having to manipulate it in another program and have it come out not looking like a pencil drawing. I sometimes take liberties with proportion or placement of the blooms to the leaves and roots so I can create a more dynamic composition. I try to draw as lightly as possible and minimize the amount of pencil marks with out sacrificing details. I keep the actual specimen on the table next to me to continually refer to during the entire process. It is a great way to spend the day.